leadership council

This group of motivated and committed individuals is the driving force of YPACS Philadelphia. The Leadership Council makes decisions on the direction, goals and impact of the group through events, fundraising, group structure and more.

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Claire Gleason - President
Ashan SenaratneVice President

Andrea Curran- Fairchild - Events Director

Nia Daye - Mission Director

Jennifer Lassen - Marketing Co-Director

Lauren Burrell

Nicole Chickara

Shravan Chopra

Naeha Gupta

Nicole Hajnik

Maliha Khan

Laura Klementowski

Morgan Krouse

Nicole Machado

Nicholas Maio

Jacquelyn Marone

Paul Marwah - Auction Director

Antonia DiLuca- Sponsorship Director

Juliana Gover - Marketing Co-Director

Nana Nyame-Kusi

Sean O'Malley

Katie Ozeck

Austin Rennels

Sara Sar

Sophia Schulz-Rusnacko

Saurabh Sharma

Amanda Shor

Claire Smith

Dan Steinhaus

Florence Tsipenyuk